Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an extra chromosome. We share heartwarming stories, provide tips to help your child develop, and much more.

Heart Defects and Down Syndrome

Four types of defects of commonly found in infants born with Down syndrome. Learn more about these types to get the best treatment.

Are You at Risk of Having a Baby With Down Syndrome?

Doctors describe some of the known risk factors for having a child with Down syndrome.

The Best Toys for Kids With Down Syndrome

We've found some of the most engaging playthings for children with Down syndrome.

10 Things I've Learned from My Daughter with Down Syndrome

One mom shares what she's learned in the first decade of raising a child with Down syndrome.

7 Life Lessons From Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

When this mom learned her baby had Down syndrome, she was shocked. Four years later, she looks back and wishes she could have encouraged her younger self with these seven lessons.

The Baby I Never Expected

I had planned every aspect of my daughter's birth -- including the song we'd play as I delivered her. I didn't plan for her to have Down syndrome.

Mental Health Concerns and Down Syndrome

ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression are just some mental health issues associated with Down syndrome. Learn to watch out for other signs of mood disorders and more.

How to Raise a Child With Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources

If your child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, what are your next steps? A mother of a child with Down syndrome shares her recommendations.

All About First Trimester Screening

Discover what these early tests look for-and why they're needed.

12 Booster Activities for Kids With Down Syndrome

These learning activities will help your child with cognitive and educational development as he grows.

Should You Have an Amniocentesis?

Amnio can help diagnose chromosomal abnormalities, like Down Syndrome. Find out if you need this test.

Early Intervention for Down Syndrome

Get the help you need during the early developmental years of a child with Down syndrome.

5 Ways to Help Kids with Down Syndrome Learn to Love Reading

All children with Down syndrome can learn to read, but these tips will help you raise a child who really loves getting lost in a book.

ADHD and Down Syndrome

Recognize whether a child with Down syndrome also has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Managing Behavior for Down Syndrome

Understand the behavior problems and challenges associated with Down syndrome.

15 Things Not to Say to the Parent of a Child with Special Needs

From the dreaded phrases to avoid to the right questions to ask, here's the best way to support a parent whose child has special needs.

Eye Problems and Down Syndrome

Eye and vision problems are common in children and adults with Down syndrome. Find out how eye conditions can change with age.

Toilet Training Children With Down Syndrome

Learn when to spot the signs that a child with Down syndrome is ready for potty training.

How Our Daughter with Down Syndrome Exceeds Our Expectations

My husband and I never imagined that we would raise a child with Down syndrome -- or that watching her blossom would feel so natural.

Life With Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome can bring a lot of happiness to a family. Living with the motto aShe can do anything you can do,a one dad of four describes how his youngest enriches their everyday life.

Mom Shares Inspiring Message: 'There Is Nothing Down About Down Syndrome'

This video about one family's journey with a child with Down syndrome is for anyone whose life just took an unexpected turn.

New Discoveries About Down Syndrome May Open Up Treatment Options

New information about the brains of people with Down syndrome could lead to drug therapies for those who want them.

Teeth Problems and Down Syndrome

Kids with Down syndrome usually have teeth problems and need specific dental care. Read on to learn what dental issues to look out for.

See Asher Nash, Adorable Toddler Model with Down Syndrome, in His First Photo Shoot

A journey that started with "no" has lead to a resounding "YES!"

There's a New Go-To Book for Parents of Children with Down Syndrome

The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome offers new parents a safe way into the community of parents who have children with this condition.

What is Down Syndrome?

It still may not be fully understood, but here, doctors explain what they know about Down syndrome.