Disciplining Children

It's not easy to discipline your big kid. Our tips and advice can help you handle temper tantrums, set healthy limits, manage power struggles, and discipline with love. Keep the peace, and change both of your behavior for the better.

9 Secrets of Confident Kids

Here are the most effective ways to help your child become happy, self-assured, and successful.

The Surprising Secret to Raising a Well-Behaved Kid

The key to smart discipline is simple: Set clear expectations up front for how you want your child to behave. Then it's up to them to be in control of their actions.

Why Toddlers Always Say "No!"

Suddenly, your child has opinions about everything. Find out why that's a good thing.

Can You Hear Me Now? 5 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen

If your kid is constantly ignoring you, we have ways to get her attention.

Help for Hitting

Does your 1-year-old start swinging his fists at the first sign of frustration? Here's how to handle a little slugger.

Is Your Child Acting Out--or Just Acting His Age?

If your child melts down, talks back, or ignores you, it could be because he's still a little kid! Consider this a reality check.

What's Your Parenting Style?

Learn about four different parenting styles to see which one fits with your philosophy.

Handling Aggressive Behavior

Learn how to punish your child for aggressive behavior, such as biting or hitting, and whether his punishment should be adjusted as he gets older.

21 Mom-Tested Discipline Tricks

When it comes to fixing bad behavior, moms are the real experts. Read on for smart strategies that will put a stop to whining, tantrums, back talk, and more.

Discipline Without Screaming

Sometimes it seems that the only way to get kids to listen is to shout. Learn to take it down a few decibels -- and enjoy better behavior in the process.

Discipline for Softies: Strategies for Pushover Parents

Our no-yelling, lecture-free, zero-threat guide to getting good behavior -- without being a tough guy.

Downloadable Chore Charts

Organize your kids' household responsibilities with our free printable chore charts! These chore chart ideas will get your kids into shape in no time.

A Principal (and Mom) on School Discipline

There's more going on behind the scenes than most parents realize. Keeping these insider tips in mind will help you and your child.

The First Time You Say "No" to Your Baby

Here's how one mom learned to discipline her infant.

When Time-Outs Don't Work

This old standby isn't effective for every kid. Here are seven other discipline tactics you can try.

How Experts Discipline Their Children

When you want to know something, you consult an expert. And when you want to know the best way to do something, you ask the experts what they do themselves. We asked three experts on children's behavior and discipline how they deal with everyday tussles in their own families. Their answers may give you ideas for handling the day-to-day conflicts that come up in yours.

Discipline Without Spanking

The next time you feel the urge to spank, take a deep breath instead and consider what you want your child to learn.

How to Give Time-Outs That Really Work

The whys and hows of executing an effective time-out.

Get Your Kids to Behave the First Time You Ask

If you're tired of repeating yourself without results, here's advice that actually works.

3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior

We cut to the chase and tell you what you really need to know to have a well-behaved kid.

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