Parenting Style

What's your parenting style? Do you believe in lots of discipline or are you more permissive? Find out about the different types of parenting and learn about which will work best for you.

Mom's Viral Message: My Child Is Not Required to Share With Yours

For this mama, it's about teaching her son to have boundaries, not to share with everyone he meets. Do you agree or disagree?

Fellow Parents: If My Kid's Acting Like an A-hole, Please Tell Him!

When is it okay to discipline someone else's kid? In my opinion, any time the kid is in need of a well-earned consequence.

8 Things That Happened When We Got Rid of Our TV

Spoiler alert: The apocalypse wasn't one of them.

Why Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Is Super-Honest With Her 7-Year-Old Son About Sex

The reality star recently opened up about how she tackles sex ed with 7-year-old son Hank IV, who she says already knows about the birds and the bees.

This Photo of a Dad Comforting His Son Is What Unconditional Love Looks Like

A beautifully raw image of a father comforting his sick son in the shower shows the kind of love every parent will recognize.

The Benefits of Volunteering With Your Kids

Helping others is the best way for children to build strong morals. Resolve to make a difference in your community this year.

10 Tips for Parenting Only Children

How to handle your overly mature, diligent, conscientious, perfectionist only child.

Quiz: Are You Teaching Your Child to Be a Good Person?

We all think we're raising our children to be good people. How much are we really prioritizing our child becoming a good person who cares about others? These questions may help you reflect on this question and guide your parenting efforts.

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What's Your Parenting Style?

Learn about four different parenting styles to see which one fits with your philosophy.

10 Clever Comebacks for Prying Parenting Questions

You probably have gotten these types of questions one too many times so it's okay to get a little sassy with your responses. They are the ones prying, after all!

Quiz: Are You Raising a Spoiled Brat?

No one wants to raise a spoiled brat. But how do you know if you are? Take our quiz and find out if your little one is a terror-in-the-making.

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6 Celebrity Parents Raising Kids Without Gender Stereotypes

These stars are embracing gender-neutral parenting and letting their kids lead the way in how they express themselves--without pressure to be especially feminine or masculine as they grow.

Mommy Merit Badges

Do you remember your Girl Scout days? Going on campouts, roasting s'mores, and selling cookies. For me, the best part was the merit badges. They were such a source of pride and accomplishment. But what about now? Where are our badges for being moms?

Is Your Child Acting Out--or Just Acting His Age?

If your child melts down, talks back, or ignores you, it could be because he's still a little kid! Consider this a reality check.

Exploding Unicorn Is the Funniest Dad on Twitter

James Breakwell, AKA Exploding Unicorn, is an Indiana dad who cracks some of the best jokes on Twitter, sharing the stories of raising his four daughters.

A Graduation Speech for Parents

Get ready for the next stage of your child's life.

The Role of Fathers with Daughters and Sons

How dads boost kids intellectually, developmentally, and socially.

This Mom is SO Over Making Dinner Every Night & She's Got a Quick Fix

We are totally down with funny mom Bunmi Laditan's solution to end the torture of making dinner for the kiddos.

This Toddler Mom's Wino Parody of Those Milk Bath Photos Is Serious #Goals

In response to the popular maternity milk bath photos, this photographer mom decided to celebrate life with a toddler by bathing in a tub full of wine.

What Makes a Great Parent?

Raising kids is a complicated endeavor, and there's no one recipe for doing it right. Still, certain ingredients are an indispensable part of the mix. Here, top child and family therapists share their insights into the qualities that are essential in an excellent mom or dad.

Parenting Style: Attachment Parenting

Attachment parents are nurturing and available to meet their children's needs day and night.

Quiz: Are You a Fun Mom?

Can you get your crying kid laughing in five minutes or less? Do you have a knack for seeing the lighter side of things? Think you're a kid at heart? Take our quiz to determine if you're a fun mom!

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Quiz: Are You a Pushover Parent?

Striking a balance between being easy-going and heavy-handed when it comes to upholding rules can be a tricky task for any parent. Take our quiz and find out if you're a softie or a strict disciplinarian!

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10 Lessons From a Veteran Mom

What can you learn from a mom how has been through babyhood a few times already? For starters, there will be plenty of ups and downs. Get a handle on it all with these 10 tips.

12 Things Moms Love (and Loathe) About Back-to-School

Busy moms spill what they look forward to (and what they loathe) about this time of year.