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8 Things That Happened When We Got Rid of Our TV

Spoiler alert: The apocalypse wasn't one of them.

Would Your Home's Fire Alarm Wake Your Kids? Are You Sure?

A study shows that 80 percent of kids will sleep right through the sound of a smoke alarm.

10 Big Ideas for Small-Space Decorating

Tiny houses, minimalism, and a less-is-more approach are trending. These families show us how to make the most of limited square footage--with tons of style.

9 Things to Do to Get Your House in Order Before Baby Comes

Whether your due date is approaching or you feel the urge to get your home in tip-top shape, use this guide to get the work done.

Declutter With Color: 5 Organizing Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Get your kids organized with crafty cleaner-uppers that will brighten up their rooms too!

4 Cute Ways to Display Your Kids' Collections

These projects help your kids proudly display their very favorite things, all while keeping their rooms from looking like something out of Hoarders: Grade-School Edition.

6 Best Green Cleaners for Your Home

It's spring! You know what that means: time to roll up your sleeves. These nontoxic products and handy tools will get the job done.

7 Tips to Combat Playroom Clutter

Children's bedrooms and playrooms are often home to a cluttered collection of toys, movies, clothes, and books. With your child's help, you can maximize space and minimize chaos by donating, selling, and organizing their belongings.

5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier With Kids

Enlist the kids to help you with spring cleaning and organizing the house. Follow this plan to turn de-cluttering into a family affair.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Instagram a Couple's 'Fight' That Is All of Us

The star couple took to Instagram for a domestic dispute we've all seen before.

Home Organization: Getting Rid of Toys

Is it time to get rid of some of your child's playthings? This system will ensure that the right toys are tossed.

Home Organization: Kid's Clothing Storage

If your kid's clothing is no longer fitting in her closet, don't fret. There may be more storage in there than you think. Learn how to make the most of the closet space your child's bedroom offers.

13 Decor Ideas to Spark Kids' Creativity

Tired of your kids taking over the kitchen table with their paint, glitter, and glue? It's time to designate a spot just for producing art. We asked the experts how.

5 Tips to Make This the Year You Organize Your Baby Photos

It's an amazing feeling when you realize that 'organize baby photos' has lost its permanent spot on that seemingly endless to-do list in your mind.

7 Clean, Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Transform the bathroom into your kids' happy place with cool products and double-duty DIYs.

23 Game-Changing Tips from Real-Mom Professional Organizers

Four professional organizer moms share their secrets for controlling clutter and managing the unique breed of mess that families make.

9 Things to Do on Sunday to Make Parenting Easier All Week

Make each week a breeze (well, okay, a little less hectic) with these smart Sunday prep tips.

12 DIY Ways to Toy With Your Decor

Trendy kid furniture can be crazy expensive, but you can get the look for a whole lot less by customizing what you already own. Cool!

4 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Wall Decor

Refresh your space in an afternoon with a project from the moms behind the design blog Classy Clutter.

How to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

Whether you're doing a thorough spring cleaning or just attempting to contain the usual chaos, get your kids to lend a hand. It'll help establish great habits and foster a sense of independence. Try these ideas and products designed to turn housework into child's play.

5 Tips for a DIY Kids' Room Makeover

Craft stylist and contributor Amanda Kingloff tells us how she turned her kids' hodgepodge bedroom into an airy space to sleep, play, and grow.

The Top Parenting Trends of 2017 According to Pinterest

See what's bound to pop up on your Pinterest board in the New Year.

Home Organization: Organizing Toys

Everything in your child's space should have a place! Here is the best way to keep toys organized in your playroom, living room, or child's bedroom, while making sure they are still easily accessible.

Home Organization: Arts & Crafts Supplies

Your creative kid loves her arts-and-craft supplies, but all those crayons, markers, paintbrushes, paper, and other supploes and materials may be difficult to organize. Learn what to toss and what to keep, and how to make her artistic space more organized.

'If It Hadn't Been for the Smoke Detector, I'd Have Lost My Daughter'

Four months ago, a tea light tipped over in Rosie Saunder's house and caused a fire that left her family displaced. Rosie shares her story with Parents in honor of National Home Fire Drill Day on Saturday, October 15.

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