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Many moms-to-be feel uncomfortable in their own skin. But it doesn't have to be that way! Here you'll learn how to manage aches and pains, pamper yourself, cope with your changing body, and stay healthy and fit during pregnancy.

A Week of Delicious Pregnancy Meals and Snacks

Eating healthy when you're pregnant can be hard: You have crazy cravings and an even crazier schedule. But eating right is important for your growing baby, so check out these nutritious, dietician-approved meals. There's even fro-yo!

7 Foods That Can Help You Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive? Here are the foods you should be eating to boost your chances at baby-making.

Bleeding and Spotting During Pregnancy: What's Normal, What's Not

While bleeding or spotting during pregnancy is not abnormal, it's certainly unexpected--and unnerving. Learn the causes of bleeding during pregnancy, how to tell when it's serious, and what you should do it if happens to you.

15 Tips for Dealing With Morning Sickness

Got the pregnancy queasies? Try these smart tips from doctors and real moms.

Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Learn the causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy, and find out whether your symptoms are normal or require immediate attention from your doctor.

These Drawings of Your Boobs' Life Cycle Are Funny 'Cause They're True

This mom blogger depicts each stage of a breast's life, from perky to saggy, in hilarious illustrations.

Pregnancy Workouts: Best 10 Minute Workout

You can do this quick and comprehensive ten-minute workout throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Workouts: Best Butt Exercises

Even in the third trimester, you can still work that butt! In this video, you'll see how to exercise comfortably and effectively.

Pregnancy Sex Tips: Should You Stop Having Sex

Should you stop having sex now that you're pregnant? Find out what's safe and what's not.

Quiz: Is Your Body Ready for Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a nine-month marathon, and smart moms-to-be start training well in advance. Take this quiz to find out if your body is ready to face its biggest challenge.

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15 Pregnancy Power Foods

These healthy choices have the nutrients that you and your growing baby need.

17 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Follow these simple pregnancy tips on safety and nutrition to stay healthy throughout the nine months before your baby arrives.

A Food Guide for Pregnant Women

Dispel the rumors and clarify the myths about foods that are healthy during pregnancy and those to steer clear of.

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Learn the causes and symptoms of pelvic pain during pregnancy, and find out whether what you're feeling is normal or requires immediate attention from your doctor.

21 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

You expected the glowy skin and gorgeous bump -- probably not the itchy boobs or extra gas. Here, we've got the lowdown on everything you've been dying to ask about your most blush-worthy pregnancy issues.

Postbaby Waist Training: What You Need to Know

Corsets and other waist trainers may be on trend, but are they on target? We asked the experts if you can corset your way back to your pre-baby bod.

Fit Mom-to-Be Shares Another Pregnant Belly-to-Belly Photo Despite Backlash

Are pregnant fitness trainer Chontel Duncan's belly comparison shots inspiring or demoralizing?

Pregnancy Workouts: Best Abs Exercises

When done correctly, ab exercises can be very beneficial during pregnancy. Do these exercises 2-3 times a week for best results.

Pregnancy Workouts: Third Trimester Fitness

Once you've reached the third trimester, you're in the final stretch. Keep up your workout regimen with these fun exercises.

Pregnancy Skin Problems: Skin Darkening

A dermatologist sheds light on why nipples, underarms, and other places get darker during pregnancy.

Quiz: What's Your Babymoon Style?

Making time for one last romantic getaway before baby makes three is a no-brainer -- but where should you go? Take our quiz to determine which babymoon style is best for you!

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