Pregnancy Nutrition

What you eat is an important part of pregnancy since you're eating for two! Learn what to eat, and find out how a healthy diet can help ensure a healthy baby and less postpartum weight to lose later.

A Week of Delicious Pregnancy Meals and Snacks

Eating healthy when you're pregnant can be hard: You have crazy cravings and an even crazier schedule. But eating right is important for your growing baby, so check out these nutritious, dietician-approved meals. There's even fro-yo!

5 Foods All Pregnant Women Need

These healthy snacks will help provide plenty of important nutrients for pregnancy, including vitamic C, folic acid and calcium.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

How to choose a well-balanced diet when it matters most.

7 Foods That Can Help You Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive? Here are the foods you should be eating to boost your chances at baby-making.

17 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Follow these simple pregnancy tips on safety and nutrition to stay healthy throughout the nine months before your baby arrives.

A Food Guide for Pregnant Women

Dispel the rumors and clarify the myths about foods that are healthy during pregnancy and those to steer clear of.

Top Folate Foods for Pregnancy

Foods high in folic acid are an important ingredient of any healthy pregnancy diet, so add these vegetables and fortified grains, plus a prenatal vitamin, to your lineup.

Pregnancy Eating: What's Safe, What's Not

It's the one time you're actually supposed to eat more--and yet it suddenly seems like every food is off limits. Here, the final word on which foods to skip and which ones are A-OK during pregnancy.

Your First Trimester Diet

Eating well now and throughout your pregnancy is crucial. Make sure you get off on the right foot.

15 Pregnancy Power Foods

These healthy choices have the nutrients that you and your growing baby need.

How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: How To Avoid Listeria

Your weak immune system during regnancy can put you at a higher risk of contracting Listeria. Here's how to eat healthy during pregnancy.

Feed Your Baby's Brain During Pregnancy

Certain foods have been proven to positively affect your baby's memory and capacity to learn, and others can hinder proper brain development. Here, what to eat and what to avoid while you're pregnant.

Cheese During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Cheese is delicious, but unfortunately not all of it is safe for Baby. Learn which kinds of cheese you can eat and which you should avoid during your pregnancy.

Just When You Thought Eating Fish During Pregnancy Was a Good Thing...

Yet another study looks at the effect on a developing baby of moms eating fish during pregnancy, with a surprising conclusion.

How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: What "Eating for Two" Really Means

Your pregnancy appetite can be hard to handle. Here's how to make sure that you and baby are healthy when you're eating for two.

Ciara Talks Morning Sickness, Craving Lemons & Eating All the Food

"I eat all the food I want to at any time," the pregnant star confessed.

Celebrity Moms' Top Pregnancy Cravings

Pickles and ice cream? Chocolate-covered potato chips? Pop-Tarts? Check out the wacky, weird, and sometimes healthy pregnancy cravings of celebrity mamas.

The Best Healthy Breakfasts to Eat During Pregnancy

Whether you wake up nauseous or ravenous, eating a healthy breakfast is super-important when you're pregnant. These easy, mostly assembly-only breakfast options are full of essential nutrients that will keep you healthy and promote your baby's growth -- and get your day started right.

Best Chain Restaurant Meals for Pregnant Women

We poured over the menus of ten of the country's most popular restaurant chains with the help of three nutrition professionals: Jessica Dogert, R.D., in Chicago; Rachel Brandeis, R.D., in Atlanta; and Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D., in Washington. Here are the 30 winning picks.

Healthy, Energizing Smoothies for Pregnancy

Whether you're suffering from morning sickness or starving all the time, smoothies can be life-savers for expecting mamas. Full of fiber, healthy fruits and veggies, and other essential nutrients, these sweet sips from the cookbook Smoothie-licious are perfect for breakfast, a light lunch, or a nutritious snack. Each recipe makes two smoothies. Drink one now and save the other for tomorrow. Your body--and baby--will thank you.

Food Guide for Pregnant Women

Making the best choices for you and your baby about food safety can feel overwhelming and scary. These simple guidelines can help you feel more confident that what you are eating is safe and healthy.

Is Tuna Safe During Pregnancy?

Too much tuna and other fish may harm your nervous system. Find out how much fish is safe for you and baby.

The Best (Healthy! Easy!) Packaged Snacks for Moms-to-Be

Whether you're dealing with morning sickness, pregnancy cravings, or that just-plain hormonal-and-hangry feeling, grabbing a healthy snack is super important when you're pregnant. These quick, easy options are perfect for expectant moms.

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

If you're wondering whether you can still have your cup of coffee in the morning, learn exactly how much caffeine you can drink while pregnant.

Snacks That Fight Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be the bane of your pregnancy. Here are some snacks that can help you eat healthy while pregnant.

How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy:Decoding Pregnancy Cravings

Your pregnancy appetite can be confusing. Here's how to understand your wacky cravings.