Quick & Easy

We know busy moms need quick meal solutions that work. Try these recipes to make feeding your family easier any night of the week.

Mac-and-Cheese Soup

A favorite dinner in a soup! We added a few vegetables as well but the kids will still love this one dish meal.

Bean and Cheese Quesadillas

To reheat leftover quesadillas warm them in a dry frying pan.

Thai Chicken-Broccoli Wraps

Broccoli slaw makes a quick filler for these healthy chicken sandwiches. Peanut sauce adds extra flavor.

How to Make a Refreshing Greek Watermelon Salad

Try this kid-friendly twist on a classic Greek salad. It's like summer in a bowl!

Easiest-Ever Homemade Mac 'n' Cheese

This stovetop macaroni-and-cheese recipe takes just 15 minutes and has only five ingredients, including salt and pepper! (Plus, it's way tastier than the boxed version.)

Foods that Fight Stress and Boost Your Mood

Nuts! Chocolate! Red wine! Enjoy these(and other) feel-good foods today to help your body deal better with the physical effects of stress. Some may actually improve your mood.

Healthy 'Fast Food' Recipes

Take a break from takeout with these good-for-you versions of your family's favorites. They cook up quicker than you can say drive-thru.

Picnic Food Kids Will Love: Pack A Safe & Healthy Basket

Eating outdoors is special for kids, but packing up the food and keeping it safe in the heat can seem a little tricky. Don't let that stop you. With our menu suggestions and food safety tips, your picnic will be a walk in the park!

The Problem with Your Child's School Lunch

Is your child's cafeteria failing to provide healthy, nutritious food?

Food For Everyone: Recipes from Debbie Koenig

Up all night with a colicky infant or cranky toddler? Dinner's probably the last thing on your mind. Food writer (and Parents contributor) Debbie Koenig has some sanity-saving tips for frazzled moms and dads. Read our interview; then check out recipes from Debbie's cookbook, Parents Need to Eat Too.

Quick Dinners From the Supermarket Salad Bar

The grocery store salad bar and deli counter are a busy mom's best friends. Here are easy ideas for how to use them to assemble a meal in minutes.

Toddler Pasta

The vegetables are cut into tiny pieces then tossed with the tiny pasta, making this recipe perfect for little mouths.

Baked Chicken with Rice

Chicken strips get a crispy bread crumb coating in this dinner recipe. The corn and bean rice acts as a side dish to make this a complete meal.

Ravioli Soup

Kids will like the mini cheese ravioli used in this main dish soup. It's made with ground turkey, which keeps it low in fat and calories.

Honey-Glazed Carrots

Baby carrots get a sweet honey-ginger glaze in this simple side dish recipe.

Dinners Under $10

Slash your supermarket spending with meals so good your family will fight over the leftovers.

10 Dishes to Make with Marinara Sauce

You probably have a jar in your cabinet, so grab it and get cooking!

Simple Bake Sale Treats

Next time you pitch in for a school fundraiser, try these doable yet drool-worthy desserts.

4 Easy Grab-and-Go School Lunch Options

School mornings are hectic, but there are some things you can do to help pack lunches a little faster (without resorting to processed foods).

Chicken-Enchilada Soup

This delicious soup has all the hearty goodness of enchiladas in warm comforting soup form. Yum!