Make your little one's big day a big hit with these festive cake and party treat recipes.

8 Gorgeously Glittery Unicorn Foods You Can Make at Home

It's the most magical food fad sweeping the internet: Unicorn treats! Try one of these fun, pretty ideas--and add some sparkle to your snacks.

6 Easy but Meaningful Birthday Rituals Kids Will Treasure

These little birthday rituals are sure to become warm-and-fuzzy memories for your kids down the road.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

See how to turn store-bought ice cream sandwiches into one impressive (and easy!) dessert.

Birthday Party Ideas: 3 Quick Cake Toppers

Add a special touch to a homemade or store-bought birthday cake. These quick cake toppers are easy to make and sure to be a hit.

Unicorn Milkshake

The key to this adorable Unicorn Milkshake is not to skimp on the pizzazz! It's all about the decorations: sprinkles, chocolate and whipped cream.

5 Easy-To-Make Birthday Cakes

Here's a revolutionary idea: birthday cakes that look fantastic and are a cinch to make! All you need are a basic cake or a few quarts of ice cream, some candies and cookies, maybe a plastic figurine or two. The result? A cake worthy of your little princess or prince.

How to Make a Dinosaur-Egg Cake

If your child loves T-Rex and Stegosaurus, get prehistoric with a dinosaur-egg shaped cake.

Red Velvet Rainbow Cake

Transform your red velvet cake into a rainbow confectionery wonder with this recipe from Rainbow Bakes by Mima Sinclair.

Cat Birthday Cake

This cake is the cat's meow! Watch out video to bake the purr-fect cake.

Mad Scientist Birthday Cake

Do you have a mad scientist on your hands? Our Mad Scientist Birthday Cake is the perfect birthday party experiment.

How to Make a Candy Cake

To make this mosaic-inspired candy cake, arrange assorted monochromatic candy over the top and sides of a round, frosted cake (store-bought works!), and add a candy number on top.

How to Make Pirate Cupcakes

These punky pirate cupcakes are edgy and easy to make.

Caterpillar Crawl Birthday Cake

Who can resist a caterpillar? Our Caterpillar Crawl Birthday Cake video shows you how to create a sweet birthday treat.

How to Make a Galaxy Cake

To make this fun galaxy cake, cover a chocolate-frosted cake (store-bought works!) with chocolate cookie crumbs, top with fondant starburst shapes and candies, and sprinkle with silver sanding sugar.

Carousel Birthday Cake

Serve up a carousel at your next party. This carnival favorite gets a sweet update in our Carousel Birthday Cake video.

Modern Art Cake

Now is the time to bring the traditional birthday cake into modern times with this Jackson Pollock-inspired treat. The crazier, the better, so let your little artist go to town.

How to Make a Princess-Sneaker Cake

This sparkly sneaker cake is ideal for a princess-themed birthday party.

Olympic Birthday Cake

Let the games begin! Win big with our Olympic Birthday Cake.

Backwards Party Cake

Yppah Yadhtrib! Let your little ones have a little backwards fun by baking our Backwards Party Cake.

How to Make a Pixel Cake

To make this cute pixel cake, cut licorice into scant pieces and arrange using a cross-stitch pattern on a square, frosted cake (store-bought works!). Get the pattern template at

Lotsa Lollies Cake

Does your child have the ultimate sweet tooth? Try our Lotsa Lollies Cake. This birthday surprise is definitely Lollipop Guild approved.

Winning Birthday Cake

Celebrating a board game lover's birthday? Our Winning Birthday Cake video shows you how to create an edible game board of your own.

How to Make a Pretzel Cake

To make this pretty pretzel cake, shingle mini pretzel twists in alternating colors around a round, frosted cake (store-bought works!), and top with larger pretzels.

Hoop It Up Cake

Get into the action by making our Hoop It Up cake, perfect for your sports fanatic's next birthday bash.

Birthday Party Ideas: Star Candy Cake

Looking for a birthday cake idea? Your little one will be over the moon for this delicious star candy creation at his party.

Churro Cupcakes

These cupcakes are full of cinnamon sugar, just like a churro. Top it off with a swirl of frosting and a fried tortilla--and more cinnamon sugar, of course!